University of Liverpool

University Colleges and Facilities
(Liverpool, Merseyside, England)

The University of Liverpool has six faculties that offer a well-organized academic structure and curriculum: the faculties of arts, engineering, medicine, science, environmental studies and veterinary science.

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts offers 50 undergraduate and 30 postgraduate programmes. Its teaching staff is made up of academic professionals who provide an excellent learning experience through exceptional teaching.

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. It is rated as one of the top principal centres in the United Kingdom for engineering research and teaching. It was given a score of 5 by the Department of Engineering in the Research Assessment Exercise in 2001.

Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine provides a cutting-edge system in medical education and healthcare developments. In fact, its School of Medical Education received an award totalling to £4.5 million in developing a Centre for Excellence for undergraduate medical education.

Faculty of Science

The Faculty if Science is the largest faculty in the university. It offers degree programmes in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Ocean Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Physics, and Psychology. The faculty is made up of over 200 research staff and 300 academic staff.

Faculty of Environmental Studies

The Faculty of Social and Environmental Studies is one of the most diverse faculties in the university. It offers academic programmes in Architecture, Civic Design, Combined Honours, Geography, Law, Politics and Communication Studies, and Sociology and Social Policy.

Faculty of Veterinary Science

The Faculty of Veterinary Science is the first veterinary school in the UK that has been incorporated into a university. It received a score of 5 in the RAE in 2001 and 24/24 in the Subject Review of QAA. This faculty is considered one of the top-rated centres of research and teaching in veterinary education.

Liverpool University

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